Thanks to my anglo-saxon friends, who helped me with their advices during the period when my blog wasn't visible to me. Even a few words, and a try to make things easier to me, mattered a lot to me at that time. We can bring peace and light to the world with a few words only !
Deocamdată, punct. Nu se știe când va mai fi din nou ”și de la capăt”.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Eterna fericire

"Adevarata barbatie incepe de acolo de unde esti convins ca totul e inutil, si cu toate acestea nu vrei sa consideri viata o serie de ocazii pierdute.[...]Fericirea noastra trebuie sa inceapa de cand ne-am convins de non-sensul acestei lumi.!"
-Emil Cioran-

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